includes :-Health Check, dead-hair removal, a nail trim, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanse, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, coat styling of your choice to suit your dogs lifestyle, and a luxury finishing cologne spritz. A full consultation with you will determine your pet’s needs.

Please note that I fully comply with the Animal Welfare 2007 Act and will not de-matt dogs where more than 20 minutes of gentle work will be required.

MINI GROOM Approx 60-90 minutes

With longer coated breeds having a regular mini groom will remove dead hair, help to prevent matting and keep your dog’s coat in top condition in between each Full Body Groom.

*Please note that if your dog has not been groomed for more that 4 weeks, or if the coat is dirty, I cannot offer this service due to possible matting and residue build up in the coat.


PUPPY WASH & FLUFF DRY 1-2 hourspuppy

Early introduction for your new puppy to grooming will enable him/her to feel calm  and relaxed in the grooming environment. Your puppy will have a gentle brush through, followed by a relaxing body wash using Puppy Shampoo. A warm blow dry will encourage your puppy to relax in the grooming environment ready for future appointments. Not every puppy will accept the grooming environment so easily and therefore I  work at the Puppy’s pace taking it slow and easy which may mean one or two visits to the salon before a full groom can be undertaken.


I offer Maintenance grooms which includes de-shedding,clipping claws,minor knots/matts removal,no bath.The grooming session for a cat will be for approx one hour, with the owner present in some cases more than one session maybe required.


Why not treat a friend’s or family member’s pet to a grooming session with a Gift Voucher, available from £10 upwards.